We at Usedcaravans.com.au strive to make your selling experience an easy and safe transaction.

Below are some tips that may help get that sale and also some advice to help you from being scammed.

# Always describe as much information as possible to inform buyers

# Use clear photos to show off your product and upload as many as possible

# Do some research to make sure your pricing is competitive

# Be Wary if a potential buyer is willing to purchase your item without having viewed it in person

# If a buyer wants to send you a cheque for more than the agreed price, and then asks you to refund the overpaid amount.

Ask Yourself WHY?.

We would suggest NO DEAL!

# Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks to make payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency. We believe it is rare to recover money sent this way.

# If you have been sent a cheque for more money than the agreed price, send it back and ask for another cheque with the correct amount.

# Do not handover the item to the buyer until the cheque has cleared in your bank account.

Happy Selling.