$ 94,990.00

2024 Majestic Navigator 18’6 Caravan


Year: 2024
Make: Majestic
Model: Navigator 18'6
Category: Caravan
Price: $ 94,990.00
Condition: New
Toilet/Shower: Yes
Seating Capacity: 2
Registered: Yes
Tare Weight: 2564 kg


Introducing the 2024 Majestic Navigator 18’6 Offroad Caravan, a pinnacle of luxury and capability for the adventurous traveller. Designed to conquer any terrain, this caravan boasts a robust Cruisemaster independent suspension, equipped with 285/75 tyres on 16” wheels, ensuring unparalleled stability and smooth handling even in challenging conditions.

Powering your journey are 3 advanced lithium batteries, complemented by 3 solar panels for efficient energy capture. Managing this impressive power setup is the BMPRO BatteryPlus35-II-HA system, guaranteeing reliable performance and extended off-grid capabilities.

Inside, the Majestic Navigator offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience. A spacious Thetford compressor fridge keeps your provisions fresh, while a full ensuite includes a top load washing machine for added convenience on the road. The one-piece insulated roof enhances climate control, keeping you comfortable in any climate.

For added utility, a dedicated toolbox with generator provision ensures you’re prepared for any situation. Entertainment is seamlessly integrated with the Fusion sound system, providing high-quality audio throughout your journey.
Despite its comprehensive features, the Majestic Navigator remains lightweight with a tare weight of 2564 kilograms, maximizing fuel efficiency without compromising on luxury or durability. With an ATM of 3500 kilograms, this caravan offers ample payload capacity for all your gear and essentials.

Discover the freedom to explore with the 2024 Majestic Navigator 18’6 Offroad Caravan, where innovation meets adventure to redefine your travel experience.